Repairs, Restoration, Paint removal etc.

Whether Antique or Modern any piece of furniture can be brought back to its best with a little care and attention.  The old adage “a stitch in time” definitely applies to furniture; attention to that wobbly chair leg can prevent a total collapse and an expensive repair.

Often just a good “service” or repaint can bring a piece back to looking its best giving it a whole new lease of life.  We are always here to offer advice and talk to you about any project or piece you are considering.  You will be surprised how our years of experience can suggests whole new simple solutions to what you may think is a major problem.

Paint removal Old layers of flaking paint or varnish can often obscure a fine piece of furniture or the quality of a period door.  Over the years as well as doors and furniture we have removed paint from a multitude of things from Landrovers to Yachting items.  Our advice is always free.